Research Team

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Dr. Teresa Wilcox – Director
Curriculum Vita Jan 2014
She received her undergraduate degree from Bethel University and her doctorate at the University of Arizona. She also serves as the Texas A&M University ombudsperson through her role as assistant provost in the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies. “Infants learn more in the first two years than they will at any other time in their lives. The purpose of the studies conducted in the Infant Cognition Lab is to figure out how this happens. All together, these studies will help us better understand the changing mind of the infant.”

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Marisa Biondi – Graduate Student & Lab Supervisor (Entered 2012)
Cirriculum Vita, March 2015
From Wrightsville, NC and Boston, MA, Marisa received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her research interests include how social information is processed in the infant brain, from faces and emotions to objects propelled by human or mechanical agents.

Current Lab Staff

Summer 2015

SUMMER 2015: Marisa, Chital, Sydney, Abbey, Chandler, Brooke, Qinxin, Jeff & Ashley

Former Lab Staff:

Amy Hirshkowitz, Ph.D, Class of 2014 – Former Graduate Student
As of Fall 2014, she has taken a post-doctoral position at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, CA.
Melissa Wallace, B.A., Class of 2012 – Former Lab Manager
Laura Hawkins, M.A., Class of 2014 – Former Graduate Student

Former Undergraduate Students:

We polled our former undergraduate students asking them about what they have done since they participated in our lab. Of the ones who responded, we comprised the following charts. If you would like to give us your information, please email us at or contact us on Facebook!

Doing Now types of employment types of higher education

Past Undergrad Research Assistants:

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

SPRING 2015:

Niat, Laisa, Abbey, Andrew, Chital, Marli, Lauren, Javier, Marisa, Laura, Shelby, Lynee, Sydney.

FALL 2014:

Lynee, Cassi, Katie, Emily, Lauren, Javier, Marisa, Abbey, Marisela, Kaitlyn, Sydney, Niat



SUMMER 2014:Summer 2014

Carly Jennings; Lauren Bayse; Lynee Herrera; Marisela Gonzalez; Dara Wang; Hannah Musgrove; Laura Salidivar; Marisa Biondi; Melissa Klapuch


Spring 2014


SPRING 2014:

Allison Gilmore; Alyssa Hoover; Ashlynn Blessing; Estefania Zapata; Jennifer Lange; Abbey Stephan; Emily Rosenhagen; Katie Finley; Kelly Day; Lauren Basye; Lynee Herrera; Sacha Garvin; Shagufa Ali; Amy Hirshkowitz; Laura Hawkins; Marisa Biondi; Melissa Klapuch

Fall 2013

FALL 2013:

Alyssa Hoover; Laura Harris; Olga Medellin; Jordan Stavinoha; Abbey Stephan; Emily Rosenhagen; Kiana Jackson; Allison Gilmore; Ashlynn Blessing; Betty Tan; Estefania Zapata; Faryn Ptasnik; Roshni Philip; Tyler Andrews; Amy Hirshkowitz; Laura Hawkins; Marisa Biondi; Melissa Klapuch

Summer 2013

SUMMER 2013:

Alyssa Hoover; Olga Medellin; Tyler Andrews; Betty Tan; Jordan Stavinoha; Kiana Jackson; Megan Wheeler; Saria Khan; Amy Hirshkowitz; Laura Hawkins; Marisa Biondi; Melissa Wallace



Spring 2013SPRING 2013:

Allison Tesarek; Meredith Bentley; Brianna Kaminski; Abigail Stephan; Barbara Iwunze; Donna Galvan; Emily Rosenhagen; Kelsey Klinkenberg; Laura Harris; Amy Hirshkowitz; Laura Hawkins; Marisa Biondi; Melissa Wallace


Fall 2012FALL 2012:

Allison Tesarek; Meredith Bentley; Lynnel Goodman; Alyssa Dowdle; Lauren Struck; Katelyn Kempf; Brianna Kaminske; Ashley Card; Maysun Einihum; Amy Hirshkowitz; Laura Hawkins; Melissa Wallace; Marisa Biondi


Summer 2012SUMMER 2012:

Erin Thomas; Laura Hawkins; Meredith Bentley; Eden Morris; Alyssa Dowdle; Maggie Alewine; Lauren Struck; Katelyn Kemp; Melissa Wallace; Amy Hirshkowitz