**As of January 2018, our research lab has permanently closed. Dr. Teresa Wilcox is now the Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Florida Atlantic University! We are so appreciative to all of the dedicated families and infants who visited us over the last 18 years. Thank you for your time and support of our research on infant cognitive development. Our work will continue at FAU so stay tuned to see published results of your infant’s participation with us…

Welcome to the Infant Cognition Lab at Texas A&M University!

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The research in our lab focuses on the nature and development of infants’ knowledge of objects. We are interested in the type of information infants represent about objects, how this changes during the first year, and what factors contribute to changes in knowledge. The kinds of questions that we ask in our research include: What object knowledge do infants possess at birth or soon after? What knowledge is acquired during the first year of life? What kinds of experiences are important for learning about objects?

In particular, we are investigating the kinds of information infants use to individuate objects. That is, when an object disappears from view and then reappears, what information do infants use to determine whether it is the same object or a different object than seen before? Traditionally, we have relied on violation-of-expectation (VOE) methods to study object individuation in infancy. In VOE studies, infants’ duration of looking to an event is measured. Infants generally look longer at events they find surprising or unexpected. Using this method we can identify the kinds of object information to which infants attend, the expectations that infants hold for objects as they move about in the world, and how this changes with age.

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**As of February 2016, we have moved! We are now located in the Psychology Building. You can find directions to our new lot and new building here.**